Taking Stock

No one likes doing stocktakes.   However, an accurate stock count is essential to producing meaningful management information. Here are some tips on doing an accurate stocktake: Have a hard copy of your stock list – A list grouping stock items by Category, then listing Stock Items in alphabetical order makes it relatively easy to look-up… Read More »

Best of Breed, Thermometer

I was putting together a review on Kitchen Thermometers, when I found this review by “Cooking for Engineers”. It’s worth reading if you’re looking for a good kitchen thermometer: “If you only have space for one thermometer, save up and treat yourself to the ThermoWorks Thermapen. It’s fast. Very fast. It also comes calibrated with… Read More »

Menu Engineering Model

Here’s a link to an Excel model I put together to assist with the Menu Engineering process. Menu Engineering Model The model includes all the formulas to automatically classify your menu items based on popularity & profitability and is easy to use and extend (assuming basic Excel skills). Please leave a comment if you found… Read More »

What is Menu Engineering?

Engineering is not a term used frequently in the context of the food industry.  Simply put “engineering” is about appling technical, scentific or mathmatical knowledge to get a desired outcome. Menu Engineering is about taking a more structured approach to building and monitoring a menu. There are two key measures required for Menu Engineering: the… Read More »