5 ways to Prevent Stock Theft

By | July 18, 2009


Here are some tips if you suspect you are loosing stock due to theft:

1. Control access to your store rooms. Install locks and keep them locked when not attended.

2. Control/monitor access to your kitchen/stores from the back door. Monitoring may include CCTV cameras, an alarm on the door or as simple as paying more attention to who/what comes in and out.

3. Check waste bins before they are emptied. Waste bins may be used to smuggle valuable stock out of your kitchen.

4. Do spot stock checks/audits. Count an item you suspect of being taken at the start of the day, monitor how many are legitimately used, then do another count at the end of the day. If the variance between the start and the end of the day does not equal the usage, you have a problem.

5. Let your team know theft is not ok. Make sure your staff understand that theft will not be tolerated and that you actively monitor your stock.  This will reduce the temptation and stop honest thieves.

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