What is Menu Engineering?

By | June 19, 2009


Engineering is not a term used frequently in the context of the food industry.  Simply put “engineering” is about appling technical, scentific or mathmatical knowledge to get a desired outcome.

Menu Engineering is about taking a more structured approach to building and monitoring a menu.

There are two key measures required for Menu Engineering: the Contribution and Popularity of each Menu Item.

Contribution is the amount of money we make from a Menu Item.  Assuming we have costed recipes, Contribution is calculated by subtracting the recipe cost from the sale price.

Populatrity is the number of a Menu Item sold in a given period as compared to other Menu Items.  The sales numbers can be based on actual results from a point of sale  system, or estimated/forecast sales.

Menu Items can be classified into the following groups using Contribution and Popularity:

  • Stars – High Contribution & High Popularity
  • Plough Horse – Low Contribution & High Popularity
  • Puzzles – High Contribution & Low Popularity
  • Dogs – Low Contribution & Low Popularity

These classifications provide a structured approach to plan, monitor & review menus.

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    Hi !! Is dere any other site where I can read sme more interesting articles abt menu engineering.


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