Product Review – “My Weigh KD7000” Kitchen Scale

By | June 18, 2009


It is always a pleasure to review a product you like and the “My Weigh KD7000” is no exception. This product is functional, sturdy and simple to use.

With a large backlit display the KD7000 is easy to read and operate. The display and button panel are protected by a cover that can be removed for cleaning along with seamless construction to prevent liquid from damaging the electronics.

The KD7000 has all the usual functions such as “Tare” to reset the scale to zero, “Mode” to set the units of measure (g/kg/lb/oz) and “Hold” to store the current reading. Additionally it has facility to switch the backlight and auditory modes along with setting the auto-off behaviour (2min, 5min or manual). The 7kg (15.450 lb) capacity is adequate for most comercial kitchens and with a precision of +/- 1g (0.05 oz) it is suitable for all but the most delicate measurements.

Priced at about $40 USD the KD7000 is excellent value for money. The only drawback with the KD7000 is that it does not come with an AC adaptor. The power adaptor is an optional accessory for which you will pay an additional $5.

All things considered I have no hesitation in recommending the KD7000 for a typical commercial kitchen. 4.5 stars.

3 thoughts on “Product Review – “My Weigh KD7000” Kitchen Scale

  1. Ken Burgin

    Great blog – thanks for putting so much work into it.

    Re these scales, the price is great but I prefer going one step further and buying them with a price function as well – instant feedback on actual portion cost.

  2. Ken Burgin

    None in particular, although I know Wedderburn make reliable products. Like most technology, prices for good equipment have dropped substantially in the last few years…



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