6 Ways to Control Portion Sizes

August 13, 2009

Portion Size

Portion Control is an effective way to control food cost at the Production Phase of the Food Service Cycle. Here are a six simple Portion Control techniques:

Document Recipes
Providing documented recipes that clearly communicates the standard portion sizes provides the foundation for effective portion control.

Plate Presentation Photos
Photograph each menu item and display them in a prominent place in the kitchen. This provides a visual reminder of standard portions and is a guide for consistent plate presentation.

Mise en Place portioning
Portion ingredients before service. For dishes that are made to order, portion ingredients into small reusable plastic containers and stack them on trays ready for service.

Keep a Measure with Ingredients
Store a spoon, cup or container that holds the standard portion amount with each ingredient.

Keep a Scales in the Kitchen
Make it easy to check portions during service by making a set of scales readily available.

Monitor Meals being Served
Assign responsibility for visually checking dishes before they leave the kitchen to a member of the kitchen team.

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